About us

We are a full-service business that provides total maintenance for all indoor and external surfaces, including marble, granite, tiles, and other materials. We are specialists in cleaning, polishing, honing, grinding, sealing, and all other natural stone materials, including marble, granite, tiles, limestone, slate, and others.

Our team of professionals can handle any marble and stone care project, no matter how big or small, using only the most up-to-date technology and tried-and-true methods. We consistently produce the outcomes you want, whether they be residential or commercial.

After sealing, if necessary, we will polish the surface. Your surface will remain glossy and new if you follow this approach. We employ water-based impregnating sealers to clog the pores of the stone and reduce its absorption by working beneath the stone's surface. To make cleanup simple and prevent significant stains, sealing should be done every 12 to 18 months.

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