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Welcome to Salasarstonetools

We are a full-service business that provides total maintenance for all indoor and external surfaces, including marble, granite, tiles, and other materials. We are specialists in cleaning, polishing, honing, grinding, sealing, and all other natural stone materials, including marble, granite, tiles, limestone, slate, and others.

Our team of professionals can handle any marble and stone care project, no matter how big or small, using only the most up-to-date technology and tried-and-true methods. We consistently produce the outcomes you want, whether they be residential or commercial.

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Our Products

CS Maintenance Products

For the removal of impregnated exterior stains on stone surfaces, we provide CS maintenance products, a two-component paste system. On food and smoke stains...


CS Adhesive System

For the fastening and cladding of natural stones and tiles, Salasar Stone Tools provides a variety of effective and high-performance adhesives. In terms of adhesion, strength...


CS Joint & Surface Fillers

For the picture-perfect appearance, it is crucial to use materials that are best suited for your stone. The various types of white and colored stones can be broadly categorized into...


CS Densifying System

For the purpose of making stone and concrete surfaces stronger, harder, and denser, Salasar Stone Tools offers products that are specifically formulated water-based densifiers...


CS Polishing System

The appearance of a polished surface is favored by many stone owners. Shiny appearance attracts people because it communicates cleanliness and newness...


CS Protection System

For low porosity mineral substrates like natural stones, Salasar Stone Tools offers CS Polishing products, a solvent-based penetrating, non-film forming...

“ Every project receives individual attention from Salasar Stone Tools ”.

We are a leading stone care expert in Bangalore, who offers the best stone care products and services like Marble polishing, Marble fitting, chemical supping related to marble, granite and tiles, etc.

Every project receives individual attention from Salasar Stone Tools. Our mission is to provide in-home stone surface cleaning, sealing, restoration, and general maintenance services that are of the highest calibre, least invasive, and ecologically friendly. Our top goal is making sure you are happy. We'll carry out the jobs you provide us in a timely manner and precisely.

To boost our standard even more, we also provide customized solutions. Contact us right away if you're interested in stone care services, and one of our executives will get in touch with you to provide additional information.

Why Choose us

  • Reliable and Trustworthy Services

    It might be challenging to find the time to properly maintain your natural stone surfaces

  • We Care About the Details

    To ensure that every client is completely satisfied, our business pays close attention

  • Standard services

    Our mission is to provide in-stone polishing, sealing, restoration, and general maintenance of beautiful stone

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our goal is to deliver a service that makes us proud while putting your satisfaction first. We are always ready to handle

  • Time Management

    We care about your busy schedule and try to finish the work as per your time requirements of beautiful stone